Why I’m Blogging

I’m finally doing it!! So exciting. I thought I’d begin by throwing out the top 3 reasons I’m starting this little food blog, in case anyone is curious.

1) For ME. For reasons that I will get into some other time, I have made/ am making some real changes in what we’re eating around here. I haven’t gone totally crazy yet (and am trying not to), and what I’m eating now can’t exactly fit under one description (like Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Clean, Raw, etc.). I’ll talk more later about what exactly I’m doing, though it’s sure to continue to change as I learn more and as I get better at this. But just to give you an idea: I no longer buy milk (from cows at least), I buy much less meat (mostly organic, free-range chicken), and I check every single food label… usually just so I can put the food back on the shelf. Oh, and the amount of produce (and greens!) I buy is so impressive that it gives me a little thrill when I go to check out. I just love it! It’s definitely going to be a journey, though, and the reason for this blog is to help me organize recipe and meal ideas that work for us – which will hopefully make my life a little easier in the future. Because I’m telling you this is a LOT of work! (Just about all “convenience foods” are off the table, at least most of the time.) I love trying out new recipes and ideas, but my crazy life is only going to get crazier, I’m afraid. 😉 So, I am hoping to organize this blog in a way that will save me time and stress later on by giving me lots of tried-and-tested meal options that are healthy and delicious. I’m excited.

(Caveat: the term “healthy” means something different to everyone. I can’t promise much other than food that fits my idea of healthy, or mostly healthy, at the moment and is workable and doable for me at the moment as well.)

2) For YOU! While I’m putting in all this effort, I’d love to help make someone else’s life just a little easier and healthier as well. While appealing to others isn’t really the intent of this blog, if you find it helpful at all, then great!

3) For FUN (I needed a #3 so it wasn’t just “top 2 reasons”, haha). But I guess people tend to find publishing their ramblings on the internet kind of fun … why else would so many people do it? I don’t plan to be terribly long-winded on this blog because I don’t really have time for that (and probably would just end up sounding crazy….which I might be). But anyway, I do hope to share some personal thoughts and experiences where they fit in and also just because I’m a blogger now. If you’re reading, hope you enjoy!


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